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Christina and Coby

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Coby's "Humdinger" was a huge hit. All the boys at the party wanted one.



Tim and Mark, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  Nick is SO happy!  We both LOVE the bed.  It is all made and Nick is getting ready to sleep in it tonight.  We are going to keep the light on so he doesn't fall out! haha...   You both did a great job and will get a positive reference any time you need one!

Good night and thanks again!

Sally & Nick




 Harley & ERAN

I love my flower power bed. It is so awesome. I like to hide behind curtains on the bottom. Eran; Harley loves her bed. I can not believe how quickly it went together. Thank you Tim!






Michael’s fire truck bed is just AWESOME!  He loves it, and we are always getting complimented on it, even by the Houston Fire Dept.  They asked Michael what he wanted for every little detail, and they definitely delivered.  It is so durable and the kids love climbing all over it, like they are real firemen.  The storage area is great for storing the extra pillows, blankets and the kids hide in there too.  Tim and Mark did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend them highly to everyone!


-Elizabeth and Michael



Michael wanted to say


Thank you Tim and Mark for my bed.  I like it a lot.  I use it for my clubhouse!